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Don't Go to Art School if You Want to Learn to Paint?

Posted on October 5, 2012 at 4:10 AM

This interesting article written by an artist who sought desperately to get an arts education at, well, an arts college program, is confirmed by many of the commentators, and is being hotly distributed online. 

Since I did not go to art school, I guess I am the lucky one.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my short-courses in art from traditional 'art schools' and my many many art workshop experiences, which I always find both challenging and exhilarating! 

I hope you find this article of interest.  I also hope it lights a proverbial 'flame' in your heart:  If you are interested in 'making art' and 'learning art', that is, traditional art, there are ways forward. 

In a future article, I will review the texts I have used as part of my own art education as an adult, which are part of my art library.  I use them weekly - to assist me in my quest for satisfying pedagogical direction.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this article and the commentators' remarks.


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