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Here's my rant-and-rave spot! When I'm not working, painting or drawing, that is.

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Journaling . . . a Painting a Day or each Week?

Posted on September 25, 2016 at 5:00 PM

This past year I've started art journaling in earnest. And it's a marvelous experience - good for hand, heart, eye and soul.

If you're inclined to do some hands-on drawing or painting or both, and don't know where to begin, this simple approach lets the everyday become extra special and soon your subjects are taking on rich and creative life. 

I've also found that art journaling is a way to delve into the humor, contradictions and love I feel for specific people, places and things. Experience gives us wisdom but the unconscious elements of physically drawing and painting - without planning out every last detail - produce a bridge to the subconscious, a bridge that leads to detail, love and surprise.

In these efforts, I've spent more than one workshop experience, and have to embrace the online workshop also, due to living in Norway most of the year. That said, I couldn't have been luckier than to find Laure Ferlita's instructional support and framework, found at her art business Imaginary Trips.

Maybe you'll want to start - or pursue - a dream of creating art and memories too. If so, why don't you join one of her extremely affordable adventures, a visit or a full-fledged trip.

This experience has also helped me understand more fully how, when I am not plein air, I can create 'as if there' - also planning elements of my work so as to focus, arrange, crop emphasize, exaggerate, embellish, edit and - generally follow Laure's instructional directions to get amazingly creative and professional results.

You'll find her busy online and offline, but you can start here:

Enjoy making every day a day to remember - with artistic journaling!

Don't Go to Art School if You Want to Learn to Paint?

Posted on October 5, 2012 at 4:10 AM

This interesting article written by an artist who sought desperately to get an arts education at, well, an arts college program, is confirmed by many of the commentators, and is being hotly distributed online. 

Since I did not go to art school, I guess I am the lucky one.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my short-courses in art from traditional 'art schools' and my many many art workshop experiences, which I always find both challenging and exhilarating! 

I hope you find this article of interest.  I also hope it lights a proverbial 'flame' in your heart:  If you are interested in 'making art' and 'learning art', that is, traditional art, there are ways forward. 

In a future article, I will review the texts I have used as part of my own art education as an adult, which are part of my art library.  I use them weekly - to assist me in my quest for satisfying pedagogical direction.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this article and the commentators' remarks.


The Joys of Flickr

Posted on March 31, 2011 at 3:20 PM

Dear Diary,

Ah, the joys of Flickr. I mean, Flickr, the home of the world's most democratic collection of digitally reproduced photographs.  I, too, have listed mine there, although many are of no passing interest professionally, garnered in one place for family and close friends.  However, contact with is an experience for both those who are members and those who are not.  Search for any location, subject, topic, theme or location you have an interest in, and see many hundreds of photographs, taken by both professional and amateur photographers.

At Flickr, "favorite" is a verb.  If you are "exploring" and you "favorite" a photo, you can go back to it, either individually or as part of a set of photos you have saved under your name/identity.  Here's my latest group of favorites, which I just ran through and can safely say: I love them all, absolutely love them:

As for my own shows and photos on Flickr, I have to say that this is my longest lagging project: each gets its turn, and slowly comes to fruition. So, hopefully, will my photo and art exhibition collection. 

In the meantime, enjoy Flickr, and write me if you're interested in my work. 

Colour Fun: Palettes and Patterns at Colourlovers

Posted on March 28, 2011 at 9:53 AM

Color fun!

Dear Diary,

What is a great activity when insomnia strikes? Color fun, with At least that’s what I discovered. And what fun it is! Let’s see, a color conversation.

It all began with Spring, just around the corner that is. In the ‘heat’ of hopefulness for winter’s demise, it got created,

The pattern selector included this retro item, which had to be given a chance to ‘bloom,’ in that Spring-to-come.

And before I knew it, the sun was about to rise, leading to Sunrise Soon, .

The bowl of fruit in front of the window came out as an attempt to use the straight-lines-only drawing feature,

It didn’t take long before I’d snagged a pre-existing burnt sienna palette and let loose on a pattern by betty smith, resulting in Chocolate dreams,

COLOURlovers is coordinating with Spoonflower, where I can send my design to be printed ( as any one of seven fabric types:

1. Quilting weight cotton

2. Organic cotton sateen

3. Organic cotton interlock knit

4. Upholstery weight cotton twill

5. Linen-cotton canvas

6. Silk crepe de chine

7. Cotton voile

Prices are comparable to other custom fabric offers and a swatch book is super-cheap ( , but now your orders can feature your own designs. . . and colors.

This could set a creative guy and gal to dreaming!

Spring is nearly here!

Posted on March 8, 2011 at 2:28 AM

Dear Reader,

Spring is finally showing signs of emerging from under mountains of snow and ice.  The sun is burning through the whiteness and the greyness daily.  The over-wintering birds have begun to sing and swoop excitedly.  And we, who haven't been able to take off the wool all winter feel as if we are basking in warmth, although the temperatures are just over 0 Celsius.

Now, the question is:  how soon can we get outdoors to paint and draw?  A while, I'm afraid. Cold winds and rain will set in, making the days very good for . . . indoor watercolor work.

The next question is:  where shall we go this Summer to paint and draw Norway's magnificent landscapes and scenes?

If you're interested in making a suggestion, I'd love to hear it. 

Feel free to be in touch, and we can devise a heavenly plan. 

Happy painting!


Posted on December 8, 2010 at 2:46 PM

The Asker Atelier, which has been open for business on Leangbukta for the last 10 years, is celebrating its anniversary by acquiring its own web page!  I look forward to informing you of our art projects and progress, as well as remarking on art exhibitions in Norway and beyond.


Coming to a place near you soon:!


-June Edvenson