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June Edvenson
Art for Life

My background in art

My instruction began earnestly in the 1980's in Springfield, Illinois in a series of 'open studio' courses.  I followed these with some years of workshops, in particular at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, a favorite destination. Later, living in Chicago permitted me to attend the School of the Art Institute.

In Norway, I am considered an 'outsider' because I do not have a 'terminal' degree in art from a Norwegian-based art school.  Since I work with my art on a part-time basis, I reach out to practice my craft on my own, sharing it with those interested.

I continue to take opportunities for instruction and growth, including workshops in Florida and self-guided tours in Europe.

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"Quotable Quotes"

"Art for Art's sake.  Why not?  Art for Life's sake.  Why not?  Art for Pleasure's sake.  Why not?  What does it matter, as long as it is Art?"  -Paul Gauguin, French painter

"I want it to look like something it is. And I think a picture is more like the real world when it's made out of the real world."  -Robert Rauschenberg

"An artist is never ahead of his time but most people are far behind theirs."  -Edgard Varese

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